As a leading company in powder technology, MR ADVANCE MATERIALS has built the country’s top level manufacturing
facilities and also has the facility manufacuring technology by themselves.

MR ADVANCE MATERIALS has been growing as a leader in Korea’s powder industry through high understanding about powder facility and particle size control technology.

MR ADVANCE MATERIALS has completed various ranges of product line through the control of particle size D50 0.2㎛ ~ dozens of ㎛ based on powder technique know-how and production experience over 20 years, particularly has the capabilities which can quickly respond to the market demand by designing/manufacturing the powder equipment by themselves and having the technology building the entire production line, as a result, shortening the lead time for setting up line.

Integrating MR ADVANCE MATERIALS’s excellent technology with the customer’s specialized product, MR ADVANCE MATERIALS will continue to keep the competitive price and quality superiority.

Grinding technology which efficiently controls ultra-fine particles and largest particles

Minimizing lead time by building the line with MR ADVANCE MATERIALS’s own equipment manufacturing technology

Country's top level grinding facilities and capacity.

Manufacturing Process

MR ADVANCE MATERIALS’s all production lines stop the foreign matters from mixing during process and minimize the contact with air and moisture by building one-line from loading the raw materials to packing. Particularly, for the secondary battery material, as the quality of battery and safety is getting more and more important, MR ADVANCE MATERIALS is furnished with production system optimized to control the magnetic impurities as well as control the particle size of materials.